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“My head, my eyes, and my chest are experiencing relief. I have even slept with this draped across my head and neck at night which has caused excellent sleep/rest.”~Rachel, Purchased #Macana5GShieldingScarf #AuraEnergyShield #LineageHolder

“I love the beauty and protection of my new 
scarf!! Thanks so much
PS THE other one I gave as a gift is also wonderful!!”
~Sydele, Purchased #Macana5GShieldingScarf #AuraEnergyShield #LineageHolder

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful 5G protection gifts with me. I am honored to have them. They are beautiful and powerful. I gave a positive testimony on Kira Raa’s radio show today, Be Amazed! with Jess Juntenen. Much Love and Many Blessings!”~MoniKA, Purchased #PanamaHatAES5GShield #Macana5GShieldingScarf #AuraEnergyShield #AESHatLinerBeanie #LineageHolder

Hear MoniKA on Oneness Talk Radio Live Soul Mirrors with Jess Juntenen, at 16:06 minutes!

“Oh my Goddess! 
This came today and it is exquisite!!!
It is so soft and the colors are gorgeous- I had purchased a scarf in Ecuador on my first trip there and the fabric on that one was very stiff and coarse- nothing like this one.
This is just DIVINE!!! Silky, gorgeous, and so much fun!!!
Beautiful sewing Christina!

I will have to order more soon.
Thank you, thank you- a deep bow of thank you to all who created this- Sri and Kira, the women weavers, Christina and all.

All Love, and gratitude, Pat”
~Pat, Purchased #Macana5GShieldingScarf #AuraEnergyShield #LineageHolder

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Namaste and Welcome!

    Thank you for spending your time with us today with Sincerity, Love and Presence. We hope you Love your Aura Energy Shield 5G Shielding products as much as we Love you. Together with Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa, we are doing our best to provide the most supportive, wearable, functional Art for you to Adorn your vessel and anchor Self Mastery as you are. We honor your divine ESSENEce .

    If you are guided, please provide your testimonial to let us know what you think of your AES Accessories + Clothing. What is your experience? Would you recommend Aura Energy Shield to loved ones? If so, Why?

    With a Deep Bow of Gratitude for You, for BEing the You that you Are,
    IN Love,
    Christina Jobe
    AES Chief Executive Maker

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  2. The face masks and beanie look well-made and lovely. I’d like to wash them before using them. Can you give me advice on the best method of washing?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Namaste Sandra,
      Thank you for asking!

      The Beanie can be washed gently, no wringing and lay flat or hang to dry. Touch up with an iron, not too hot, on the non-silver side. That’s a Cotton/Nylon Jersey Knit blend. The Silver fabric is pure Silver spun over a nylon core, for structure. (An iron can get too hot if it touches the Silver, as the metal is highly conducive and then the nylon core will melt) We accidentally put the Beanie through regular wash and dryer and it was fine, since it is double stitched on the inside, but it’s going to last much longer if you hand wash it, because of the pure Silver.

      The Mask is actually great for steam ironing on the Linen Side. Steam and heat is great for a disinfectant. You can wash the mask by hand, gently, and lay flat or hang to dry, no wringing. Touch up by ironing the linen side only. I have yet to wash my mask and I just use an iron. I also set it in the sunlight and rotate between two masks for safety.

      I trust this is supportive in caring for your AES items. Thank you again for choosing to shop with us for your Ascended Fashion.
      With Love and hugs,
      AES Maker

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