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IKAT Shielded Skinny Scarf Macana is stylish and versatile. Wear it as a neck tie, scarf, boho chic headband, bowtie or belt! A lighter alternative for those who require discreet radiation shielding.

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Depicted in many of our lookbook shots, but never available for purchase until now, introducing the Woven Original IKAT Skinny Macana Scarf with Pure Silver 5G Shielding Fabric lining. Antidote to 5G Millimeter Wave technology, cell phone radiation and EMF. Supple feel. Long drape. Soothing to the Aura.

One size, skinny scarf is 60” long before the tassels, 2.3” wide. Tassels add an extra 4” in length on each end for a total length of 68”!!

We have styled this by layering scarves, tied around our head as a head scarf/headband (super chic!) and as a necktie with a single Windsor knot. Our Shielded Skinny Scarf is SUPER versatile and we love it.

Detailed Description:
5G and the Ecuadorian handmade Skinny Macana Scarf/Belt.

Ikat is a Malay-Indonesian term for a dyeing technique that is “one of the most complicated approaches to dyeing found anywhere in the world,” according to the Smithsonian Centre for Education and Museum Studies. Macanas are woven using the ancient and traditional resist technique. This means to resist to the dye, traditionally cabuya cactus fibre in Ecuador. This fibre is tightly wrapped around parts of the yarn before dyeing the yarn to create a pattern that will appear later during the weaving.

Ikat is a rare technique. It requires CONSCIOUSNESS to weave as the unqiue pattern needs to be held in the weavers mind to ensure that the wrapped parts will translate into the correct pattern on the loom. This is one of the oldest forms of textile design, and the weavings produced in Ecuador are considered to be among the best in the world. In Ecuador, and other parts of the world, this handmade ancient tradition is declining. We are committed to the integration of the Sacred Indigenous as part of the SOLUTION for the “modern world experience”.

The “Macana” offered here, is the AUTHENCTIC & traditional long cotton scarf/belt with knotted fringe. To create beautiful Ikat, traditional backstrap looms are still used where the weaver sits on the floor. We are proud to work with Indigenous Cañari women from Gualaceo, Ecuador to support them to live better lives!

Each Macana takes up to four days to complete and are 100% Natural fibre and Natural color dyes from local plants. Imagine the GIFT of feeling your throat chakra lovingly cradled by sacred hands that have crafted your scarf from the finest quality materials.

Each unique and handmade Macana, after being crafted in Ecuador, is then sent to the USA and lovingly finished with WOVEN SILVER 5G fully shielded fabric. Soft and lovely on the skin it transforms this already beautiful handmade jewel into a bonafide gift of Energy field protection.