AES Moving on from Masks

We have been meditating on the needs of the collective and our Soul urge is that AES is winding down mask production. All future masks through special order will be lined in organic Muslin.

There are so many factors that went into our decision on this. Primarily, mask making has been a temporary call for action. Covid appeared and the mask design was our channeled response.

We designed these masks to have low impact on the Earth and durable with the elastic being exchangeable for longer term use. Replacing the Silver with thin Muslin Lining will help the future masks become biodegradable and more sustainable for Theraputic Oil applications as a travel aromatherapy mask.

Our spiritual guidance around this is that the time for AES to make masks in response to Covid is Complete. We will still offer these as a special order for those who want them, while shifting away from having them listed in the Shop as an always available commodity. The energetic resources are calling forward new designs that require our attention, as part of our long sighted vision for Aura Energy Shield.

Thank you for sharing your support and love during this time of upheaval for the birth of Our Collective revisioning.


All Special Orders can be initiated by email to

Silver Mask Care Instructions

AES Maker Christina wearing the Thin Silver Mask

Our signature Silver fabric is nearly 100% pure metallic Spun Silver. The weaving process first places the Silver onto a nylon core through vacuum sputtering. This gives the raw metallic fiber something to adhere to so the thread can be woven. It is very soft.

Silver is highly conductive so care instructions for the Silver fabric is as follows:

1. No direct contact with an iron. While ironing can be done for disinfectant purposes, it can melt the fabric. The Silver seems to amplify the heat and it melts fast on contact.

2. Machine washable and dryer safe. Hand wash and hang dry is recommended for longer lasting use. Mild detergent in warm water.

3. Steam clean with a cotton on top of the mask between the steamer and the silver.

4. Silver tarnishes and the fabric will slightly darken with use. This is normal.