Ascended Fashion

For many years we have watched fashion evolve and shift with the consciousness of consumers. Workers rights, material sources, animal welfare, use of fur and skins are top concerns for those who hold sacred the experience of Oneness with All of Life.

We are concerned for the wellbeing of the Indigenous Weavers of Ecuador, the Cañari Lineage and Chola Cuencana style, and their cultural heritage through fine craftsmanship. Holding elevated presence through the fashion accessories we offer, we enrich the lives of all connected to these wearable arts.

It all begins in the foothills of the Ecuadorian Andes Mountains where certain beans and flowers are grown and processed locally to make the yarn dyes. The Weaving Artisans dodge specific places on the yarn, leaving some places natural and some parts colorful (we offer Indigo Blue and Purple, primarily.)

It is up to the Weavers to hold a focused vision of the Ikat pattern they will craft, as it determines how they dye the yarn. Upon weaving, each Artisan uses a vintage, traditional loom over an entire day to create just one of these exquisite Macana Scarves.

UNESCO held ceremony in 2015 officially recognizing “the art of ikat weaving as an intangible cultural heritage of Ecuador.”*

The Macana is not only beautiful, supportive and imbued with heart-centered presence, it’s also useful for carrying baskets to the market. For many generations the Macana Scarf has served to carry and comfort Ecuadorian babies, close to their Mothers’ heart, as part of their traditional style of dress. To see these women today, walking around the city, is a brilliant site. Natural White woven hats, colorful layers of clothing, scarves and lovely pleated skirts at knee length and often made of thick fabric that drapes like velvet.

We think deeply about the consciousness surrounding this very special garment heritage. Not only has it literally joined hearts between nurturing mother and child, it has also lovingly carried baskets of precious cargo to Market.

One can only fathom the deep level of care and precision through the hands of these beautiful people. Hands in the soil, sewing seeds for a future harvest. Hands weaving baskets to carry the harvest. Hands weaving Macanas to safely transport the harvest filled baskets, and later used for bringing the groceries and babies home.

The longstanding love centered around the Ikat Weaving tradition is why Sri and Kira envisioned a modern use for our 5G Shielding Macana Scarves. With so many who are called to a higher expression of adornment, we offer these supple, soothing, woven articles to drape over your Aura.

As the Macanas are finished, they come to the United States for finishing with our signature 5G shielding, woven Silver fabric. This up-levels the experience of functional and wearable art as Ascended Fashion. Not only does it look divine as it drapes generously around the neck and high heart, it keeps you connected with the Divine through heart-centered loving presence, shielding harmful EMF and 5G Millimeter Wave technology.

Honoring Your Divine Essence!

Written with Sincerity, Love and Presence from my Heart to Yours,

Christina Jobe, AES Maker, USA